About Us

Muscle Blend is a leading supplement brand in the natural weight loss and bodybuilding industry. 

All of the Muscle Blend products have been thoroughly evaluated for effectiveness, purity, safety and healthiness.

Muscle Blend product’s are used and praised by nutritional health professionals, personal fitness trainers,  bariatric  patients, athletes & bodybuilders around the world. 

Our mission is simple

To provide the very best products and service to our customers.  Muscle Blend takes great pride in our commitment to fully satisfy our customers by the products we sell and our excellence in customer service. 

Our core value

Manufacturing products that utilize the healthiest natural food ingredients to achieve top level results in weight loss and/or bodybuilding. 


Your success is our success.  Meaning we want you, the customer to achieve your goal or goals in order for us to feel satisfied with our products.  Your success and achievement is extremely important to us. 

The Muscle Blend online website store is designed to provide a safe and secure environment to shop & browse our product catalog.  Only through our web-store can the Muscle Blend products be purchased at the best price and convenience by offering: sales, exclusive coupons and free shipping to the customer’s doorstep.

All Muscle Blend product’s are manufactured & packaged in the USA with the highest standards. Ingredients and packaging materials are locally sourced from top quality suppliers.