Whey Protein Isolate Coffee
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Muscle Blend undenatured whey protein Isolate is ideal for lean muscle growth, muscle recovery, general health and part of a weight loss program.  Whey protein isolate is the ultimate source for complete protein and is the highest quality protein available.  Muscle Blend only manufactures the finest 100% undenatured, cold processed and cold filtered whey protein isolate that is made using the most technologically advanced spiral round cross flow micro filtration process.  This produces a whey protein isolate of the highest, purest and most biologically valued protein available.  Muscle Blend whey protein isolate is superior to many brands on the market and has been exclusively created for professional bodybuilders, strength trainers and athletes.

Uses: Muscle Growth, Muscle Recovery, Post-Workout, Immune Health, Weight Management

Flavor Details: Muscle Blend Coffee Whey Protein Isolate has a deliciously robust coffee flavor that's not too intense.  If an iced coffee drink is your kind of delight then you'll surely enjoy this flavor.

Technical Details:

• 100% All Natural

• Mixes Easily

• No Fillers

0 grams Fat

• No Added Sugars

• No Added Sodium

• Safe for individuals who are Lactose Intolerant

• Contains No Stimulants or Engineered Ingredients

• 25 grams Undenatured Premium Protein per Serving

Suggested Directions: Mix or Blend 1 (28g) scoop of Muscle Blend Whey Protein Isolate with ½ to 1 cup (4-8oz) of water or milk.  For maximum muscle growth and recovery consume one serving immediately after workout.  Scooper is included

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Whey Protein Isolate Coffee

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